Moberly Police Department Participates in Special Details

During 2005, Police Department personnel participated in a number of community related activities including officers who made presentations to area community and civic groups other than those presented by the Detective Unit members; tours of the Police Department were conducted; Police Memorial Day and Law Enforcement Week were recognized.

During 2005, the Moberly Police Department began dispatching for Randolph County Sheriff’s Department after 4 PM, holidays and weekends. Full time dispatching for the Sheriff’s Department will begin in 2006.

In mid-2005, the City of Moberly and Randolph County pooled resources to upgrade their Enhanced 911 to Power 911, a computer-based phone answering, dispatching, and county-wide mapping system developed and marketed by Positron Public Safety Systems Corporation based in Austin, Texas. Implementation of the system will allow Moberly-Randolph County Joint Communications to request Phases I and II capabilities. These will allow wireless 911 calls to be identified with the location of the cellular tower and call back number. In the future, the actual location of the cellular phone will be pinpointed. This equipment will, in turn, provide for a response by emergency services even if the caller cannot speak or give their actual location.

In January 2005, Randolph County Sheriff Mark Nichols deputized the entire Moberly Police Department for the benefit of county law enforcement. This allows, if necessary, the officers to assist the Sheriff’s Department whenever needed. The Police Department works diligently to maintain a good working relationship with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement and related agencies.

In May 2005, Sgt Russell Tarr was recognized as Officer of the Year by the Moberly Optimist Club.

In June 2005, a fingerprint scanner, valued at $42,000, was obtained through the Missouri Police Chief’s Association. As fingerprints are “rolled” on a glass plate, they are displayed and stored as a digital image on a computer screen. Through Live Scan the images are electronically sent to the MSHP with immediate responses available as to identity of the person through their fingerprints. Previously fingerprints were rolled using ink and the cards were then mailed to the Patrol and the FBI, which could take weeks. Sgt Russell Tarr and Sgt Kevin Palmatory attended a one-day instructor’s class on the system in Jefferson City and all other members of the department received on-going training in the use of the system.

In September 2005, in response to relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and other southern states, Moberly Police Department personnel sought assistance from the community to aid the Louisiana State Police operation in Baton Rouge, LA. Enough donations of bottled water, Gatorade, bug spray, flares, cots, blankets, pillows, waterless hand sanitizers, and other needed items were gathered to fill two large trailers and cash donations of approximately $5,000 were received. The items were transported to Baton Rouge by Sgt Kevin Palmatory, Cpl Mike Hollis, Cpl Shane Newbrough and Police Chief Michael Garbulski.

In December 2005 Sergeant Russell Tarr Graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The National Academy is an Eleven week management oriented intensive training course. The National Academy is one of the most prestigious Law Enforcement training institutes world wide.